Turning Points in America to announce our We Can Be Heroes Foundation to honor courageous and admired acts in communities across the country, provide scholarships, and incorporate the following work we’ve provided since founding.  


 We are an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit charity.  Turning Points works to help Veterans, Senior Citizens, low-income families, and students affected by government and other nonprofit organization’s budget cuts.  Food and goods for homeless and at-risk veterans is top priority.  We host event and special ceremonies to honor heroes and Veterans.  A unique service for all consumers is the Directory of Honored Businesses that lets you know which businesses only hire employees who are legally eligible to work in the U. S. and support efforts to hire Veterans and Military Dependents.

Resources to Veterans and the U.S. Military includes the directory of organizations providing free help to veterans in-need, the Military and Veterans Discount Catalog, and the directory of businesses pledging to support efforts to hire Veterans and Military Dependents.  

 Get the scoop:

Directory of Honored Businesses.  Shop with businesses that support your values.  Featured on this website is the unique directory of businesses that pledge to only hire employees who are legally eligible to work in the U. S. and support efforts to hire veterans and military dependents.  Business that make this pledge are preferred by consumers, Veterans and Active Duty Military around the world.  This pledge earns the company the Honored Business distinction.  

 Help Homeless and At-Risk Veterans.   We’ll do the shopping and delivery for you.  Turning Points in America provides direct support to veteran missions and centers that provide housing, feeding, and educational programs for at-risk and homeless Veterans.  We collect and deliver goods for veterans in charitable facilities and at homeless gatherings.  When you make a donation to Turning Points at we purchase the food, goods, bus tickets, and personal items for homeless and in-need veterans associated with the Clara White Mission Veterans Program. 

Non-profit Charities and Free Help Organizations.  Assisting veterans, widows and widowers is a top priority for Turning Points in America.  Visit this category at the Honored Business Directory link to find groups that provide free help to veterans and their survivors in their time of need.  

Discounts Directory.  Visit the Military and Veteran Discounts link for cost savings offers.  The U. S. Military and Veterans have long been the victims of cuts in their earned benefits and retirement.  Opportunities to reduce their daily living costs is a necessity for America’s heroes.  Sharing information on discounts helps both these heroes and the businesses.

Collect and Deliver Goods and Food for NE Florida Veterans in-need   You can donate new or like-new goods, bus tickets, and certain non-perishable foods for Veterans in-need.  Go to How to Donate Items or Services for At-Risk Veterans for a list of needed items and local delivery points.  

Honor Veterans at Appreciation Meals.  Turning Points hosts meals for veterans in appreciation of their service and for at-risk and homeless veterans.  Complimentary meal tickets are provided to veterans in appreciation of their service.  Meals are served at restaurants and at Veteran Missions and Centers.  

 Education.  Visit the Classes link to sign up for classes on U. S. history. 


Florida Registration #CH48313.  A copy of the FL official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling 1-800-435-7352.  Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the State.